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What drugs can astronauts take in space?

It is really, really inconvenient to get sick in space. At least, that’s what I took away from some recent reporting on astronaut microbiomes and zero-gravity…


The Condensed Guide to Learning Physics

Brush up on your cocktail conversation or dive into the quantum world for the first time with these recommendations.

China Launches Moon Rover; Debris Falls on 2 Houses

It was still dark out when China launched its first-ever spacecraft toting a lunar lander early Monday morning. The Long March rocket, part of the Chang-3…


A Curious World – A Comic

This is a comic about the Curiosity that uses raw images taken by NASA. Besides cropping and resizing, I did not alter the images at all.…


In Houston, Flirting with Science

In southeastern Houston, TX, amidst a sea of highways, cars, and strip malls, is a space research complex that includes over 100 buildings: the┬áNASA Johnson Space…