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A Morning at the Piip Show

If you think you don’t like birdwatching, take a peek at the Piip Show — a livestream of Norwegian birds frequenting a birdhouse designed to look like a coffee shop — with gifs taken from a typical morning.


A 360-Degree Spin on Common Maryland Insects

With the help of a paint roller and a block of Styrofoam, I offer you some of the better-looking specimen from my undergrad bug collection in a 360-degree spin on a pin.

Throwback Thursday: The Dick Test

We don’t hear much about the treatments that preceded penicillin, so let’s take time to remember the Dick Test.


Death Week: The Giant’s Drink 2.0

Your name is Andrew Wiggin, and you’re playing a game called The Giant’s Drink. It’s simple – all you need to do to win is pick the one beverage below that isn’t poisoned. Good luck!


A Curious World – A Comic

This is a comic about the Curiosity that uses raw images taken by NASA. Besides cropping and resizing, I did not alter the images at all.…


What can chemical weapons do to you?

Sometime in the last few weeks, I read something that said the injuries inflicted by chemical weapons are not any more painful and less deadly than…

Punching a Wall.

Experiment Week: Punching a Wall in the Name of Science

Feeling adventurous? Curious? Or perhaps just angry? If you are so inclined to punch a wall for science, and have a spare minute, take our survey here.…


Nanoscale bubbles can save you toil and trouble

Bubbles make me think of this one summer day where I made a throng of rainbow-skinned mammoths, with two chopsticks with yarn strung between them and a…


Slimy yet Absolutely Traumatizing (or WTF Hercules Beetle Grubs?)

I’m pretty good with bugs if they’re properly sheathed in a crunchy carapace. Maggots and grubs, though, can give me the willies. For example, I’m absolutely…


Food Week: For Smooth Creaminess, Try Eating Needles

This post is part of The Raptor Lab’s Food Week. Read #jurassickitchen for more! I started reading scientific studies about ice cream and was initially baffled…