About Us

The Raptor Lab is a community of seven totally awesome science writers who met as graduate students at MIT. We curate the latest and greatest in science news, stories, and curiosities. Sometimes we band together to write about one fascinating topic.

We are partnered with the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Our work has been featured on Scientific American‘s Incubator, Wordpress’s Freshly Pressed, and Alexis Madrigal’s 5 Intriguing Things newsletter.

LESLIE BAEHR [site] writes about the ocean, adventures, and ocean adventures at Adventurae Maris.

ALISON BRUZEK [site] is best known for her poor puns, Minnesota spirit, and interest in absurd feats of biology. She writes at The Noblest Gas.

HANNAH CHENG [site] writes about whatever obsession has seized her peculiar mind at Variable. She runs The Fiction Division, our sister blog about science in fiction.

ZAHRA HIRJI writes about risk, geology, and space at Risky Business.

TRENT KNOSS writes about nature and the outdoors at Outrigger.

AVIVA HOPE RUTKIN [site] writes about neuro and tech at Nerve + Wire. She also does all the web things for the site.

ERIN WEEKS is the Raptor Lab’s resident ambassador to the Deep South and writes about ecology and the environment at Dixiecology.

+ GUEST BLOGGERS can write for us too.

Where are the raptors now?

Got a question about The Raptor Lab? Email us at theraptorlab@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter @theraptorlab, or check us out on Facebook.

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