The Secret Lives Of Christmas Trees—QUIZ!!!

From Wikimedia

What industry occupies 350,000 U.S. acres, takes place across all 50 states, employs over 100,000 people, and is probably the best smelling industry of all time?

The answer may be in your living room.

Every year approximately 25 to 30 million Christmas Trees are chopped down, hauled into homes and businesses, and decorated with various baubles and shmobbles.  TheRaptorLab thought it time to dig a little further into this holiday tradition and ask our readers: how well do you know your Christmas Tree? Answers at end.

1) Around 1883, who began selling the first fake Christmas tree?

a.  The Sierra Club, to promote conservation

b. A small shop in Iowa, after a bad growing season

c. A San Francisco merchant, after the trees he had ordered failed to arrive

d. Sears, Roebuck & Co, 33 limbs for $0.50 and 55 limbs for $1.00


2) For every Christmas tree harvested, how many seedlings are planted?

a. One to three, in spring

b. Zero, demand has not outpaced natural growth

c. Five, ASAP

d. Ten, because each tree has a one in ten chance of reaching maturity


3) What is the average growing time for a tree to reach typical height (six to seven feet)?

a. 18 years, like a human

b. Four and a half years give or take two years

c. Seven years, but can take up to 15 years

d. Varies widely depending on latitude


4) The first written record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from:

a. Northern Russia, what else are they going to do there?

b. Scotland, the tree was decorated with bottle caps and corks

c. Riga, Latvia, where the tree was decorated with fake roses and then burnt to the ground.

d. Bratwurst, Germany, where a tree in the forest was decorated with painted chicken bones…and then burnt to the ground


Answers: D. A. C. C.

All facts courtesy of the National Christmas Tree association.  See here to find one of the 4,000+ U.S. Christmas Tree recycling programs.

Bonus:  Guess which state produces the most Christmas Trees?  Answer here.

Merry Christmas!!!

For more by LESLIE BAEHR, see here.

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