Listen To This: BirdNote

Courtesy Flickr/Don McCullough

Listen To This is a new repeating series by The Noblest Gas, recommending podcasts to delight and dumbfound.  Today, two for the price of one!

BirdNote: Stories About Birds, the Environment, And More

I recently discovered this podcast while looking for other science journalism-related gems and even after hearing only the simple opening, played by an oboe looping around, was filled with honest-to-goodness glee.

Each podcast is 2:00 and plays the various shrills and trills of the birds of the wild.  A narrator often accompanies the calls, giving some quick facts about the birds.  But mostly, the 2:00 is devoted to listening to the sounds of wildlife.

Recommended episode: Costa Rica: The Land Is Pulsing With Life

Caustic Soda

This is a prime example of putting a bunch of funny people together on a podcast to say stupid things, but illuminate some great ideas.  I won’t say this is always done particularly well, but most of the time the ratio of amusing to dumb is quite high.  Best of all, the science is affable and the commentary silly and genuine.  I’d be a more regular listener if the episodes weren’t so long (an hour each).

Recommended episode: Addiction

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