Dear internet,

The Wave of the Future

I had many, many diaries when I was young. Though each was its own special cocktail of introspection and awkwardness, the first page was always the same. I would describe myself in painstaking detail to the reader — a reader I envisioned an archaeologist of the future, gingerly lifting my teenage journals out of the dust as if they were sacred scrolls.

So it seems only natural that I should start now by introducing myself.

I am a writer living in Boston. Grew up on Long Island. Studied computational neuroscience and Chinese at Union College. Recently emerged from MIT’s graduate science writing program. I have been interested in journalism for a long time, and was inspired to blog 4 real by the many ¬†great people I recently met at SciO13. (Inquiring minds can find the resume version of my life over here.)

This blog will chiefly be about the strange and narrowing gulf between technology and the body. More on that in future posts.

It may also, from time to time, be a place to talk about: the way we talk about science, neuroscience, programming, women in STEM, “today’s media landscape,” books I’m reading, and any old thing that brings me (and hopefully you) particular delight.

Welcome to The Raptor Lab. Welcome to Nerve + Wire. This is gonna be great.

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